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Political sociology - Toshchenko

Textbook prepared in accordance with the requirements of the educational standard of higher professional education (2000). Particular attention is paid to the main criteria determining the specificity of this science, - political consciousness and behavior of people in the macro, meso and microenvironment, ie in a specific historical situation. In a man, his outlook analyzes the functioning of the institutions of power - government, public associations, political parties, as well as public awareness and activity of nations and ethnic groups, young people and the army. Attention is paid to the mechanism of power relations - bureaucracy, lobbying, opposition to public opinion, electoral behavior.

For students of universities, teachers of the humanities, as well as readers interested in the political life of society.


Introduction 3


Chapter 1. The object and subject of political sociology 6

1. 1. Policy in the system of scientific knowledge 6

1.2. The object of political sociology 10

1.3. The subject of political sociology 12

1.4. The structure of political sociology 15

Chapter 2: The Evolution of the main ideas of political sociology: the Western tradition 19

2. 1. Genesis of scientific ideas about politics 19

2.2. Formation of political sociology as a science.

Classic stage of its development. 23

2.3. The current stage of development of political sociology 26

Chapter 3. Formation and development of political sociology in Russia 31

3. 1. Experience study the ideas of political sociology in Russia

end of XIX  early XX centuries 31

3.2. Socio-political research in 20-30s 37

3.3. Searches and problems of political sociology at

60-80-ies of XX century 44

3.4. Modern problems of the sociology 48

CHAPTER 4 man-POWER  key problems of political sociology and political practice 52

4. 1. Impact of political power on the living conditions

members of society 53

4.2. Political interests of social subktov 56

4.3. Citizens' participation in political activities 60


5.1. Communication policy in economic sphere of public life 67

5.2. Communication with the social policy aspects of society 72

5.3. Communication policy of the spiritual life of society 77

Chapter 6. Methods for Political Sociology 83

6.1. The logic of the program of sociological research 83

6.2. Quantitative methods of sociological research 85

6.3. Qualitative methods of sociological research 91


Chapter 7. Man and the State: the forms, methods and problems of interaction 100

7.1. The experience of understanding the idea of \u200b\u200b"people and government" 100

7.2. Types and polditicheskoy power 109

7.3. The forms and methods of interaction between the population and the state 114

Chapter 8. Local government 119

8.1. The evolution of ideas on local government 119

8.2. Local government in the system of power relations 129

8.3. Local government  Democracy Institute 133

Chapter 9. Public associations as an indicator of the variety of political behavior 138

9. 1. The formation of public associations in Russia 138

9.2. The structure of associations 142

9.3. Status and trends of public associations

(Organizations) 143

9. 4. Religious associations as a special form of voluntary 149

Chapter 10. Political parties and political activity as the norm realization of citizens' interests 156

10. 1. Party as the object of the sociological analysis of 156

10.2. Stages of development of a multiparty system in modern-day Russia 160

10.3. The social base of the political preferences as a basis and criterion

the effectiveness of the parties 165

Chapter 11. Nations and ethnic communities as subjects of political power by 174

11.1. National policy: scientific foundations and principles 174

11.2. Ethnopolitical stratification 180

11.3. 185 ethno-political conflicts

Chapter 12. Youth movements as a form of civil initiative 192

12.1. Especially young people as the subject of political relations 192

12.2. Characteristics of the political consciousness of youth 194

12.3. The situation of young people in the power structure and the form of its participation

in political life 201


13. 1. Place Vooruzhnnyh Forces in the military organization of the country

and their functions 210

13.2. Personality in the Russian army 222

13.3. Political activity and political orientation

Russian troops 230

13.4. Social problems of modern
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