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Valorant is a multiplayer shooter from Riot Games for PC, designed to compete with Overwatch, Paladins, Rainbow Six and Counter-Strike.

After purchasing this product, you will receive a Riot Games account with access to the beta test of the VALORANT game.
Especially for residents of USA (NA).
If you want an account with which there will be no problems, feel free to buy.

I am not responsible for the account after the purchase and successful login. You may lose your account, be careful.
Each account was checked before sale.

For all questions, write to personal messages, we will try to solve them.

There is no return. There is no exchange.
1. Follow the link: https://beta.playvalorant.com/en-gb/
2. Click LOG IN and log into the account using the provided data
3. Download game client
4. Play!
15.05.2020 19:32:15
15.05.2020 19:19:18
15.05.2020 19:18:48
12.05.2020 6:44:19
thank you
10.05.2020 7:39:16
good seller!
08.05.2020 22:43:05
05.05.2020 11:04:01
05.05.2020 11:03:31
26.04.2020 23:36:54
just as advertised!
26.04.2020 19:42:20
NICE +++++A
26.04.2020 9:51:38
bought 5 or even more accounts from this seller! had no issues at all! trusted
25.04.2020 19:14:27
legit seller
25.04.2020 19:14:15
everything worked fine ^^
25.04.2020 19:14:02
good seller
22.04.2020 23:08:38
Works perfectly

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