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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 10%
10% discount for feedback !!! As you can see, they are not wound))
Activate strictly within 2 hours after purchase. Warranty only for this period.
All coupons TESTED and 100% WORKING!
In the event of a conflict / dispute, to resolve it between me and the buyer, for the administration of the resource, I can ask you for a video "from the moment of purchase to the instant entry into the account." This is done from scammers and unscrupulous competitors who want to sell more than the actual price of the goods. Normal buyers have nothing to fear, for sure!) If you are embarrassed when using the promotional code, don’t write a complaint, write in a personal letter - we´ll figure it out.

Hurry up for big discounts! We are gaining a rating on this trading platform!

Please do not buy fraudsters, such a scheme as activating and saying that the used coupon will not work. I can easily find out the exact time of activation of the promotional code!


The promo code is replenished with an individual card / Yandex wallets, webmoney without problems.

Top up with 10000 + 2000nds - you get the final balance of 20000 rubles

1. Create a new account at direct.yandex.ru;
2. Import an advertising campaign with a domain that has not been advertised in Yandex.Direct for 365 days;
3. Wait until the campaign passes moderation;
4. Create an account for 10000 RUB + 2000 RUB VAT;
5. Activate the coupon;
6. Pay the bill.
7. The bonus will be credited to the account instantly (VAT has already been paid)
The activated promotional code will be canceled if you change the domain or add any other domain / subdomain to the advertising office. In this case, the remaining money on the account with the promotional code will be withdrawn, minus the money already spent on advertising campaigns.
02.04.2020 10:44:59
01.04.2020 22:49:05
29.03.2020 14:28:54
Всё Ок!
29.03.2020 12:42:51
Все сделал как в инструкции. - сработало, на балансе 20000.
28.03.2020 16:25:24
Всё работает.
Продавца рекомендую!
28.03.2020 12:35:19
Все отлично, сработало) Рекомендую!
26.03.2020 15:36:52
сработало, спасибо
25.03.2020 17:47:13
Промокод сработал, все отлично! Спасибо!
25.03.2020 12:28:42
Продавец высшего уровня!
24.03.2020 9:29:14
активировал, спасибо
23.03.2020 9:42:17
спасибо, самая лучшая цена, только у вас и покупаю
22.03.2020 21:36:09
активировал, работает, спасибо
18.03.2020 9:40:12
сработало, спасибо
17.03.2020 16:44:50
Купон рабочий как всегда! рекомендую!
17.03.2020 13:48:01
Возникла спорная ситуация, продавец пытался помочь всеми силами, ещё раз спасибо.

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