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Having paid for this product, you will instantly receive a code in the "personal account" section, which can be used to create a new or renew an existing xBox Live Gold account for a period of 14 days.

By purchasing this product, you will receive a code with the possibility of its activation Xbox Live Gold for a period of 14 days.
Xbox Live Gold Trial provides temporary access to Xbox Live features. Using this card, you can create a new or renew an existing account on the Xbox LIVE service for 14 days. The card is suitable for accounts of any country. You will not be able to activate this code if your Gold subscription or Live Gameplay status is not yet completed. After the status of your account is Silver, you can activate this code and play online.

Attention! This is a Silver level subscription, you get almost the same opportunity as Gold status (you will not be able to download games and access Internet sites from your console, such as google; youtube).
>You can play online with other players.
>You can play most multiplayer games (there are exceptions, see xbox.com)
>Ability to communicate with more than one person at the same time
>Free game content and Video chat right in the game (subject to availability of equipment)
Exception: for users of the Xbox One console - it works as a full-fledged gold status. Gives downloads of free games and the ability to purchase at discounts.

Dear buyer, request to consider that we adhere to the work in which we undertake to provide goods, to provide it in a working look and to bring you to satisfaction, but in turn we expect from you adequacy.

• If you have a problem, you need to unsubscribe at least to the seller in correspondence and how at most to wait for the answer. This that circumstance under which your situation will be considered poverkhostno, with a fast solution. If you want to give motivation on even fast, then can leave a positive review, with the corresponding content.
• If you have a problem and you without notification, without decision, leave a negative review, your situation gets under detailed consideration, than and waiting time of its decision increases. The negative review is a good motive at which need appears, to sort a problem more attentively.

How to use the code:
• The instruction for activation of the code on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms are available, on the official site of Microsoft:

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Xbox Live Gold 14 days x1 | 360 RU / EU / US +14 days gift - https://vk.cc/a2IKGE
06.01.2020 10:14:43
Спасибо продавцу, покапал 3 раз подписку.Огромное спасибо)
30.12.2019 21:58:36
были проблемы с активацией с моего аккаунта продавец сразу вышел на связь помог решить продавца рекомендую
30.12.2019 14:01:31
Супер быстро! Оплатили, тут же пришёл код, ввели, играем! Спасибо!
27.12.2019 11:23:28
Все отлично. Продление сработало на x360
26.12.2019 12:18:08
25.12.2019 14:08:00
Все отлично, все работает)))
21.12.2019 15:37:28
Быстро получил, без всяких задержек
20.12.2019 15:49:06
Ок. Ключ активировался
19.12.2019 18:12:33
Все классно все работает
18.12.2019 14:16:09
код пришёл, всё ок
16.12.2019 16:13:14
Все работает, супер ?? спасибо??
15.12.2019 13:26:44
Спасибо за товар. Все работает отлично.
13.12.2019 0:38:20
В начале сомневался, стоит ли брать, сайт все же новый для меня, да и лохотрона хватает в интернете! Немного поломавшись, приобрел код подписки, и все норм! Работает, покупкой доволен. рекомендую!
11.12.2019 19:28:54
Заказываю не в первый раз, все проходит без проблем. Советую!
P.s. Участвую в розыгрыше на доп. 14 дней)
11.12.2019 18:55:22

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