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Draft Constitution of the Transitional Period of the State of Terrestrial Civilization: The possibility of establishing a "yellow bandage fund" for the coloring of the bee in Russia appeared during the crisis of 1996, after reporting on TV-6 about how in Moscow in the "stone jungle on Prospect for Peace", the mother poured sleeping pills in a cake, put the baby to sleep, strangled it with a pillow and hung herself. At that time, in order to register the Foundation Charter in the Ministry of Justice, it was necessary to support public opinion that wearing bandages for money did not entreat the dignity prescribed by the Constitution in force majeure situations. However, in the newspapers of the leading media, I was unable to organize the publication of a short article with this idea, entitled: "Medicine from a way of life or Theory of a public-financial pyramid." Then in January-February 1999, the text of the following Written Appeal posted on the "neutral strip" on the Internet was formulated on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
This Charter is international and fundamental. Specific versions of the constituent documents for the registration of legal entities provided for by the structure are carried out by the representatives of the National Assembly on the basis of the legislation of the respective states. Consultations in registration are carried out by the Foundation´s Board of Trustees (FSP) - the Governing Body (RO) of the International Federation of Education and Science.
Data of the OIR and Program Documents (PD) of the KPCS of the MFFF, including: this Charter, constituent documents and decisions of the National Assembly of the SGBP, UC OPD KSCP MoFF, PGP, CC P NS PGG and RO KSCAP MOFF represent a set of unofficial legal acts and information of the informal system of government , are protected by copyright on intellectual property (official works on behalf of the author) to provide them to a limited circle of politicians (without the right to modify the Charter), with strict observance of the powers emanating from the PD OP KPCS Moffitt.
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