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• You activate the account on your device by yourself.
• You get only the right to play from one device, the account is not transferred to you in the property, changing the password is FORBIDDEN!
• Multiplayer aviable *, automatic updates, as well as saving and achievements on your personal account.
• When you reinstall Windows or replace a computer, you stop accessing the game.

• Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian. The game does not have regional lockout.
• Requires Windows 10 version 15063 or later and 20 GB of hard disk space

With the purchase of Ultimate Edition, you will receive the add-ons Daybreak, Independence, Prepper´s and Doomsday Pack, which offers new modes of transport, weapons, equipment, an exclusive map with new siege weapons, tasks and events, and a new game mode.
When you purchase the Complete Edition, you will receive all of the above, as well as the story addition to the Heartland, in which you are waiting a new map Trumbull Valley, from the original State of Decay, battle new plague freaks, including the plague-infected bloater, screamer, feral, and juggernaut, and revisit familiar people and places to see how they’ve been changed by the ongoing apocalypse.

Due to the technical peculiarities of the activator, it is possible that some antiviruses are mistakenly identified as malware. By purchasing a product, you express an unquestioning readiness to ensure the performance of the activator by disabling any conflicting software.
If you are not satisfied with the conditions - do not purchase this product!

Detailed video instruction (switch on subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kkYzZi501g

1. Run the activator and enter ID, given to you in purchase. Microsoft Store will start automatically.
2. In Microsoft Store click “Sign in” (if your account is active, then first exit it) and select "Use a different account" from the list. Account activation process will start, wait for it to complete. After the activation is complete, download the game.

Before starting the game do not forget to log in to your personal account in the "Xbox Console Companion" application. (It´s in your personal, NOT the one that you were given to you in purchase)
14.10.2019 21:23:21
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отзывчивый продавец.
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Очень хороший продавец, пользуюсь его услугами около года. Помогает в решении всех вопросов связанных с активацией. Покупаю игры и себе и друзьям, всем рекомендую.
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