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In boxing, as well as in any other kind of contact martial arts, it is very important to be able to properly organize the defense. Skillfully built defense allows not only to avoid blows, but also in time to move to attack, at the time of disclosure of the enemy or its failure to strike. In this video you will see the main ways to protect. In addition to the forearm supports in the box, there is also a large number of methods of protection: parrying, withdrawals, potholes, lining, diving, slopes. All this allows you to effectively organize your combat system and combine defensive and attack techniques.
The title: Defensive Skills - Total Fight Series, vol.2
Author: Denny Campbell
Format: HDRip
Size: 289 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Genre: martial arts
Year of Publication: 2009
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Defensive Skills - Total Fight Series
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