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What is EA Access?
EA Access is a subscription only for Xbox One, which allows you to play more games for less money. Play games from the ever-growing collection, which includes more than 10 games in The Vault, play new games from EA before they go on sale and save 10% on digital purchases EA on Xbox One, including full versions of games, pre-orders, add-ons, Points Ultimate Team ™ Points and everything else. Certain conditions, restrictions and exceptions apply.

What is The Vault?
The Vault is the ever-growing collection of the best EA games for Xbox One, which you can download and play, thanks to the active subscription of EA Access. Enjoy unlimited time in EA games like Battlefield 4 ™, FIFA 15, Plants vs. Zombies ™ Garden Warfare, Madden NFL 15, Need for Speed ™ Rivals and others, and, and more games will be available later.

What is the difference between the demo and trial versions of EA Access?
Demo versions are part of the game, which will help you understand the essence of the game. Playing the same version of the game in EA Access, you play the full version of the game for a limited period of time before the game is released for sale. And if you buy the game after its release, you can continue to play from the place where you stopped - your progress and statistics will continue.

You can subscribe to EA Access without the golden status of Xbox Live Gold?
Yes, any players on Xbox One can become subscribers to EA Access and get all the benefits of a subscription without the golden status of Xbox Live Gold. To connect to the multiplayer mode on the Xbox One console, you still need the golden status of Xbox Live Gold. More information about the gold status of Xbox Live Gold can be found here: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/live/

To activate the code, you must perform the following actions:
- Go to the website http://www.xbox.com;
- Click the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner;
- log in with your account;
- Go to "My Account";
- Enter the code you purchased.
17.02.2020 20:17:41
Купил ключ ea access. И он работает. Спасибо
17.02.2020 14:36:08
16.02.2020 20:24:43
все просто замечательно
11.02.2020 19:19:58
Все работает ,спасибо!
11.02.2020 0:26:25
все работает спасибо продавцу
09.02.2020 12:07:34
спасибо все пришло
08.02.2020 21:35:39
08.02.2020 8:43:16
все работает
07.02.2020 20:55:27
Все отлично
07.02.2020 15:07:10
Покупаю 2 раз, всё быстро и надёжно
07.02.2020 7:07:34
Моментальная доставка! Всё ок!
04.02.2020 23:00:32
Всё чётко
04.02.2020 11:50:13
Все хорошо супер все работает с первого раза
03.02.2020 17:29:05
Все отлично)
Теперь мой постоянный продавец)
02.02.2020 20:42:10
Купил активировал за 5 сек.Всё работает.

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