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Modern contact single combat "Vale Tudo" ("Without rules") is known to many. It is relatively young, but has already gained the attention of followers from different countries of the world. What is the secret of such success?

Vale Tudo is a fairly simple system of a contact duel in the format "without rules". Its basis is boxing, Brazilian Jiu, wrestling. There are not so many kicks in this martial arts as, say, in Taekwondo, but thanks to a well-chosen technique this combat is very effective in real application.

Some drawbacks are purely power solutions in a number of techniques, which implies very good physical training of the athlete, but there are a number of advantages in this: an unprepared, weak athlete on tatami will not come out.

The book is supplied with a huge amount of descriptions of all sorts of techniques that can be used in both real and sport duels. "Without rules" means, without rules, and there are no restrictions or little-applicable techniques. Vale Tudo is a system that has been tested by practice. It´s time to check it out for you.
Title: The Basics and Practice of Vale Tudo
Author: Jean Bosco
Format: pdf
Size: 4 mb.
Quality: Excellent
Year: 2014
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The Basics of Vale Tudo
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