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Military history of Japan is inseparable from the history

Japanese weapons. This book - the first serious work on the ancient and

medieval weapons of Japan in Russian. Evolution, structure, and

Purpose of all types of weapons and defensive weapons from the III. until the middle of

XLX century., Detailed description of equipment and conventional infantry samurai,

Unlike weapons from the Japanese warrior weapons western knight,

inextricably linked to the difference in methods of warfare -

this is not a complete list of those investigated by the author. The book differs

deep scientific and professional approach and includes a detailed

a glossary explaining the terminology used throughout. Author -

an expert on the military history of antiquity and the Middle Ages, a graduate of MTU,

PhD, a black belt (2nd dan) Shotokan Karate school,

It owns various Japanese and, in particular, Okinawan weapons: sword,

naginata, sixth, stick, tonfa, kama, sai, and others. The publication is

of great interest to historians, oruzhievedov, collectors and

for all those involved in the Japanese martial arts, interested in military

historical subjects and the history of Japan.

Publication date: 2001

Russian Language

Number of pages: 253

Format: DJVU

File size: 7 Mb

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