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You buy a subscription EA ACCESS XBOX ONE for 12 month.attentionActivation Region: any
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EA Access - is a subscription only for Xbox One, which allows you to play more games for less money. For only little price. a month play games from a constantly growing collection, which includes more than 10 games in The Vault, play new games from EA before they are released for sale and save 10% on digital purchases EA on Xbox One, including full games, pre-orders, additions, points Ultimate Team ™ points and everything else. Apply certain conditions, limitations and exclusions.

• Download and play EA games available in stock, when you want and how you want. Try the best EA games for Xbox One. In stock there is always something new and interesting. Play one game or play at all - the choice is yours.
• 10% discount on the digital version of EA games for the Xbox One.
• Play in EA games for a limited time period of 5 days prior to the official release on the market.

In which countries is available for subscription EA Access?
Currently, EA Access program is available in 41 countries (and territories): Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Greece, Denmark, Israel, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Mexico , New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Taiwan, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.

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Instructions for downloading and installing the purchased goods
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- Go to the website http://www.xbox.com
- We click Sign In in the upper-right corner.
- Enter your details and go.
- Go to the Manage Profile.
- Go to the Add Microsoft Points
- Select Redeem Code click Next.
- Introduce Prepaid Code.
14.04.2020 18:00:20
Исправляю отзыв - момент покупки совпал с работами на серверах EA. Из за этого был баг. Спустя 40 минут все заработало хорошо.
17.03.2020 12:47:14
28.12.2019 0:10:05
Спасибо! Все четко и быстро!
25.12.2019 19:02:20
23.12.2019 18:05:52
23.12.2019 18:05:45
11.12.2019 16:51:09
09.12.2019 14:49:53
Все ништяк, без обмана и причем выгодно!!! Спасибо
07.12.2019 12:04:03
07.12.2019 8:11:39
Спасибо,все быстро и четко
26.10.2019 19:42:35
08.05.2019 18:10:37
Everything works. Thanks!
11.04.2019 18:46:32
Все супер. Подпиской доволен
27.03.2019 17:50:25
Все работает спасибо
05.02.2019 14:56:49
Все ок

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