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ATTENTION !!! This code is intended for activation only on RU servers.
After payment, you will instantly receive the AX308 “Magma” sniper rifle code and a promo code giving a 5% discount on your next purchase of the “Warface” products from me. </ Attention>
The AX308 Magma has excellent performance. It has the highest damage and highest firing range of all sniper rifles.
• Highest damage.
• High firing range.
• Good shooting rate.
• Good accuracy when shooting from the hip.
• 3 modification slots with a large assortment of modules.
• Huge penetration ability.
• Strong returns.
More information about this weapon can be found here: https://wf.mail.ru/wiki/index.php/AX308attentionBy activating the code on the website wf.mail.ru, you will receive the Magma AX308 for 1 day.
The validity of the code itself to February 18, 2020. If you do not activate it before this time, it will disappear! </ Attention>
1. If you are not registered in the game, then start by registering.
2. To activate the code in the game, click on the link: https://wf.mail.ru/pin/
3. Enter the code in the code field and click "Activate".
If you have any difficulties and questions during the activation process, then let me know in any convenient way. I will definitely try to help you as soon as possible. </ Delivery>
20.07.2017 11:33:06
Все пришло, спасибо
06.01.2017 14:12:40
все быстро пришло,спасибо!
27.12.2016 0:14:31
Оплатил,пришла подарком в стим
01.12.2016 10:28:01
Спасибо за игру)
Получил довольно быстро, примерно минуты через 3 пришел гифт, но думаю это довольно нормально)
Продавцу дальнейших успехов и продвижений)
24.11.2016 0:46:42

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