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DiRT 3 Complete Edition - is a rally simulator DiRT 3 with additional content and integration with Steamworks, including achievements, leaderboard and save the Steam Cloud.

In Dirt3 offers dramatic race in the snow and rain. You will participate in rally races and posorevnuetes with worthy contenders. In addition, the game has Gymkhana mode, the creation of which inspired the developers free rides Ken Block, got up stunning tricks with your car.

The multiplayer mode also has several modes. In addition to classic rallies and races in a circle game offers to take part in a fun and very cheerful modes.

Outbreak - an exciting and dynamic mode. In the early rounds the random player is infected with infection, his car is painted in green color and it should touch the vehicle to infect other players. Was "infected" and chase the "healthy", trying to "catch" as many players as possible.

Invasion - in this mode, players save the earth from the seizure of killer robots. On the site there are cardboard invaders and skyscrapers. It is necessary to crush the villains and possibly leave unharmed skyscrapers.

Transporter - Map appear in different places flags. The player´s task (command) to capture the flag and carry it to its destination faster than rivals.

Also fun mode is the team race from start to finish, in which one of the players on the team goes on a relatively slow Mini Cooper and the other players on the selected machines. The winner is the team, Mini Cooper, which comes to the finish line faster. The challenge players on the fast machines to protect your Mini Cooper and hold the enemy. If it will be selected a good team, incredibly fun mode!

Publishing Features

The full edition of Dirt 3 includes all additions, namely:

The Monte Carlo Rally Pack - eight extreme slopes, runs through the snow-covered mountain roads.
The X Games Asia Track Pack - four routes in the heart of Tokyo.
The Power and Glory Car Pack - a set of car: Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept, Scion tC, Ford Focus ST Rallycross, Lancia Delta S4 and the BMW M3 Rally.
The Mud and Guts Car Pack - a set of five car Ford Mustang GT, Citroën C4 Rallycross, Saturn Sky, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 and Lancia Stratos.
The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack - a car Ford Escort Mk II.
Special collections The Ken Block and The Mini Gymkhana.

You can start playing DiRT 3 Complete Edition, by following a few simple steps:

- Purchase a license key DiRT 3 Complete Edition in our store.

- Download and install Steam, create an account or log into an existing account.

- The Steam select "Activate via Steam ...», and enter the license key you bought in our store.

- Once activated, you can download the game from the personal account or from Steam.
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