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It is not no secret, that there are so-called "gray" phones or informal. So how do you test it official? This article will be useful not only for those who already have a phone, but also those who are going to buy them, or those who really worries about spent $ 50-300. IMEI number: why is it necessary? The same network can not be more than one phone with a personal IMEI number, so if you have two identical phone numbers, one of them will not work! But how to escape? Let on the unit is the number XXXXXX-XX-XXXXXX-X (search number should be either on the box or under the battery. Finally, try typing * # 06 #). The first digit - is the country code of the manufacturer, following 2 - the final code of the manufacturer, XXXXXX - the serial number and the last digit (usually 0) - alternate ID. Here are the codes for the manufacturer
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