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The world needs heroes! Join more than 30 million players * around the world and fight on the battlefields of the future. At your disposal are many different heroes: soldiers, scientists, adventurers and just eccentrics. Spend time and break the laws of physics. Defeat the enemy with all the power of amazing abilities and the latest weapons. In this bright and passionate team shooter, intense battles take place in the famous corners of the planet. Join Overwatch!

Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Freaks. During the global crisis, an international special unit of heroes was created, designed to establish peace throughout the world. It was called ... Overwatch. Heroes coped with their task, and on the planet for many decades, there was agreement. A new era of research, inventions and scientific discoveries has begun. However, over the years, the influence of Overwatch began to weaken, and the division was dissolved.
- In Overwatch you will find many different characters: a time-traveling adventurer, an armored warrior with a rocket hammer and even an enlightened robot monk. Each of them has a unique style of play, and in order to fully reveal their potential, they will need to tap into all their abilities.
- Each hero contributes to the common cause - whether it is a fighter on the front line, a defender harboring allies with an energy shield, or a support hero who makes teammates stronger. The pledge of victory is the effective use of the abilities of all heroes.
- Teams of heroes are fighting in different parts of the world. Before you may be the task to protect the mysterious temple of Anubis and his secrets, or maybe - to carry the emitter EMP intact and secure through Kings Row. The whole world is a battlefield for you.

You can activate the game in any region except Belarus, Burma, China, Korea, Cuba, Iran, Eritrea, Libya, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela.
After the purchase, you will immediately receive a HumbleBundle gift link, following the activation instructions you will add Overwatch to the Battle.Net account.

Activation instructions:
1. We pass on the purchased link
2. Then you will be asked to enter your email address. Enter the address of the same mail on which the battle.net account is registered. Click on "Claim".
3. Next, you need to register a new account in the humblebundle, with the same mailbox registered in battle.net.
4. After logging in to humblebundle and battle.net, click the link "to claim ...". The system will automatically add the game to your Battle.Net library.
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