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$100 the discount is 2%
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In order to buy Exalted Orb for the European server and scope for chaos and the rise of Russian server, you must:

1. First contact us by internal Plati.ru chat, Skype or ICQ, specified information about our company on the page http://plati.cash/monger/327746 and find out whether there is a availability of the necessary number of orbs for you.
2. In the form of payment to complete the column: The server and the character´s nickname, pay for your purchase.
3. Inform the unique code :)

Order Fulfillment through game mail, personal meeting for 10-20 minutes (if we are online) from 10:00 to 01:00 Moscow time.
Large please leave a review after purchase. On this site is the only criterion for evaluating the seller, so your feedback is very important to us.

All your purchased items can always be viewed by clicking on the link:

Dear players, we remind you that the purchase orbs prohibited rules of the game and the administration of Path of Exile may apply certain sanctions against you. We are doing everything possible to reduce the risks. At the same time we are not responsible for the consequences of violations of the user agreement with Path of Exile
We sell the game currency in many games by this link:

20.04.2019 17:56:27
Все очень быстро, пару минут и валюту получил. Рекомендую
19.04.2019 20:33:28
класс! быстро и удобно
19.04.2019 20:29:00
по прежнему все быстро и очень удобно! доволен
19.04.2019 12:40:02
he is fast as an unicorn . good shopping
18.04.2019 14:23:30
18.04.2019 11:59:38
всегда быстро и удобно
17.04.2019 14:03:09
16.04.2019 20:35:06
16.04.2019 13:00:26
все гуд, бонусы радуют
15.04.2019 21:35:12
Быстро + бонус.
15.04.2019 18:36:27
Все быстро и четко + бонус :)
15.04.2019 18:31:13
Товар получен быстро и без проблем. Спасибо что есть такой сервис.
14.04.2019 17:33:19
как всегда все хорошо
14.04.2019 15:11:12
Отличный сервис!
14.04.2019 2:42:09
Быстро доставил

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