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As you know, the school Motobu-ryu ("ha Kosё Motobu Ryu Kempo Karate") created the legendary Okinawan fighter Motobu Teki (1871-1944). He used natural high rack units and are often carried out without hitting withdrawal of second hand to the thigh (hiki-te). Motobu was holding the hand exposed forward to provide protection, in addition, he believed that in such a situation it is easier to "enter into combat").

The main attention is paid Motobu protection and defeat of the center line of the body. Its main weapon was powerful punches, straight (seiken-tsuki) and whipping the back of the fist (uraken-uchi), various elbow, and pricks and pokes push forward joint of the index finger (keykoken, ipponken).

The bulk of the beats Motobu-ryu applied exhibited forward

hand. In a sense, this technique was new to Okinawan karate, which has traditionally been used to arm front lock and back to deliver powerful strikes. However, the Master stated that the most important battle - the speed, and since the front hand is closer to the enemy, it quickly reaches the target and therefore must attack.

In defense of the techniques used to cover the hands of the enemy "adhesion" and the transition to the controls applied by different grips. In general, seizures, seems to have been one of the skates, the creator of the style, and he has used them to "pull" the enemy to strike.

Kicks in the style of Motobu played a secondary, but still important role. Feet (foot and knee), he hit only in the knee, groin and abdomen. These his punches have more power.
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