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With the set of troops "Battle Animals" for Total War: ROME II, you can instill a truly primitive fear in the heart of any enemy. The kit contains seven new types of units and makes the choice of fighters in the game even richer.

Induce chilling horror at opponents, throwing them with beehives and pots with scorpions and snakes, trample them into dust, sending cataphracts on camels and Syrian mercenaries on armored elephants to battle armored. And when the will of the enemy is broken and the soldiers flee the battlefield, hunt them with ferocious fighting dogs.

Troops presented in the set "Total War: ROME II - Battle animals":

Molossian dogs
Can hire: Epirus

Onagr bee
Can hire: Athens, Epirus, Macedonia, Sparta and Syracuse

Scorpion Ballista
Can hire: Pontus, Parthia

Ballista Snake
Can hire: Carthage

Camel cataphracts
Can hire: Parthia

Celtic war dogs
Can hire: Iceni, Cantias, Caledonians, Demetes, Dumnons, Brigants and Ebdans

Mercenaries on Syrian Armored Elephants
Can hire: Dura Europos, Antioch, Tiros, Palmeira



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