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You buy a license key (cd-key) activate the game "TOTAL WAR: ROME II 2. Upgrade Edition" and is guaranteed to get the key immediately after the payment. The system will switch itself!

Information TOTAL WAR: ROME II 2. updated edition

Activation: Steam
Russian language
Release Date: September 19, 2014
Publisher: 1C-SoftKlab
Region: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries

Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product Features TOTAL WAR: ROME II 2. Upgrade Edition:

• Develop a plan to conquer the world in the turn-based mode, the global campaign (with support for more competitive and co-op mode for two players). Conspiracies, political games, intrigues, revolts, riots, honor, ambition, betrayal - its decisions you will make history.

• Collect a huge army, and victory after victory in battles in real time. Unleash your tactical genius, took over command of the tens of thousands of soldiers in the grand military clashes on land and at sea.

• Fight for the glory of Rome, headed by one of the three noble birth, or become a leader of one of the rebel tribes. Each faction offers a special gaming experience with hundreds of unique units, among which there was a place and siege vehicles, and heavy cavalry, and bound with steel legionaries and barbarians Berserker.

• Impressive ancient cities and colossal armies are recreated in minute detail. You can easily make out how your soldiers filled the air with shouts of victory, or writhe in pain, taking the blows of the enemy. Rate the overall situation on the battlefield to help the tactical camera, with which you can look at it from a bird´s eye.

Description of the game TOTAL WAR: ROME II 2. Upgrade Edition:

"The updated edition of" famous strategy Total War: ROME II contains not only the original game, but also a variety of additional materials.
In addition to various improvements in gameplay and performance, as well as all previously released free extras (including four new factions) "Updated Edition" is a modified system of policies, structures and processed chain modified balance.
Also in the «Total War: ROME II. Updated Edition "includes a new set of campaigns," Augustus ", designed for a few hundred hours of free play on a map displaying the geopolitical situation in the war of the Second Triumvirate, which marked the end of the Republic and the beginning of the era of the Roman Empire.
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Instructions on how to activate purchased key:


To install the game you need:

1. Download, install and run Steam: http://steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi

2. Register an account Steam.

3. Open the tab "My Games" from the top menu, at the bottom click "Activate via Steam ..."

4. You will be asked to enter the product code, enter the key purchased from us.

4. Prepare the installation process (download)

5. Play.

02.08.2019 18:16:17
13.07.2019 7:29:40
Все проходит в один миг, как и всегда
10.03.2019 10:31:27
Всё гладко, товар активировал.
26.01.2019 13:35:03
Все активировал, спасибо.
20.10.2018 15:31:44
Все получил, спасибо!
16.10.2018 20:02:59
моментальная доставка, все честно, благодарен продавцу
06.10.2018 15:55:24
+Game activated, thx!
03.09.2018 16:06:35
Все отлично,уже активировал!
28.08.2018 23:42:38
Всё ок.
05.03.2018 20:43:25
Всё отлично, товар получен!
27.02.2018 1:57:06
09.02.2018 16:59:38
Все хорошо. Рекомендую.
23.01.2018 18:40:01
Спасибо, все работает
17.01.2018 0:56:39
все отлично, спасибо за игру
16.01.2018 13:28:16
Быстро и надежно.

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