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For successful business alone is not enough goods, according to the authors of this book. Consumers are tired of standardized products, seek product designed specifically for them, and even appropriate to their inner world. Therefore, according to the authors, it is now emerging Vromi new economy - the economy of experiences, focused on consumer perceptions. In the context of this economy, the authors propose to abandon the traditional relationship between the company and customers; Instead, the company should be "director of impressions", and clients - "spectators" or "guests." The book examines the principles of successful staging experiences, and theater techniques that could use the company. Much attention is paid to an extremely effective tool for improving the customer value - mass personalization, as well as forms of consumer concessions. The book is designed for marketers, advertisers, and all business owners and managers who are creative belong to the business and seek new ways of interaction with customers. Get to advanced marketing techniques! Review of the book you'll find here: http://hrustalniy-gus.ru/yekonomika-vpechatlenii.html
Приобретая данный товар, вы получаете книгу "Экономика впечатлений. Работа - это театр, а каждый бизнес - сцена" в формате EPUB
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