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Taxes and taxation

(Option number 6)

The main activity of the organization is the implementation of their own production.

During the quarter, sales revenue amounted to 1) 6133 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 2) 1,022 thousand. Rub.

Amounts received from customers in order prepayment amounted to 3) 780 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 4) 130 thousand. Rub.

During the reporting period, the organization has acquired:

- Raw materials for industrial purposes in the amount of 5) 2100 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 6) 310 thousand. Rub. Of those paid 7) 1513 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 8) 252 th. Rub .;

- Services in a total of 9) 1730 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 10) 288 thousand. Rub., Which are fully paid;

- Equipment worth 11) 1073 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 12) 179 thousand. Rub. The equipment paid for and accepted for registration.

In the reporting period, the production of the materials released on a total of 13) in 1561 th. Rubles.

The cost of fully allocated to the costs.

Average number of employees 14) 20. Fund payments was 15) 420 thousand. Rub.

In the reporting period, each employee accrued financial assistance in the amount of 16) 800 rub.

The size of depreciation since the beginning of the year until the end of the reporting period amounted to 17) of 199 thousand. Rub.

Other expenses amounted to 18 organizations) 145 thousand. Rub. Advertising costs amounted to 19) 48 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 20) 8 th. Rub.

Subsistence allowance as part of travel expenses was made in excess of the established standard of 21) $ 0.

In the reporting period, the organization received rental income from its own premises in the amount of 22) 413 thousand. Rub., Including VAT - 23) 69 thousand. Rub.

The amount of fines paid was 24) 8 th. Rub., Including for non-compliance of tax laws 25) 0 thous. Rub.

The taxable value of property of the organization at the beginning of the quarter amounted to 26) 4267 thousand. Rub .; at the beginning of 2 months. quarter 27) 4163 thousand. rub .; at the beginning of 3 months. quarter 28) 4034 thousand. rub .; at the end of 29) 3994 thousand. rub.

Calculate the tax burden on the organization. The calculation results are summarized in a table:

1. Value added tax

2. Premiums

3. Property Tax

4. Corporate Profit Tax

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