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The principle of operation of the module:

This module allows the customer from the personal account instantly switch to the desired tariff plan after the payment through payment service interkassa and robokassa, then instantly receive all the benefits of the chosen tariff plan, and without administrator directory.

Features of the module:

The module allows both pay and update the current tariff plan, taking into account the time already paid.

Ie let´s say you have a data plan start 1 year costs 100 rubles, and the business for the year of 200 rubles.

The customer is in the tariff plan Start six months.

When the extension of the tariff plan Start it will be billed for unpaid six months that 50 rubles.

In the transition to a more expensive data plan it will be billed at 150 rubles, because He has already paid $ 100 for the tariff plan Start, but spent half the paid-time.

Such a system allows the client to update the current tariff plan and move to another without thinking about what he might overpay for some of them.

It is possible to enable / disable unused system.

You can also use just 2 shops, thus dividing the payment methods. For example specifying settings Robokassa in the variable $ sIncCurrLabel method of payment by credit card and personal account settings Interkassa leave payment methods electronic payments.
View module in operation, and check its efficiency module, you can register online http://wazzup.su/catalog/
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