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A small but powerful multilingual program for text typing in different languages. Here you can enter text as using a computer mouse and comfortable using a computer keyboard.

Indispensable when you need to type text in a language inaccessible for various reasons on the computer. Another use of the virtual keyboard - is safe input of sensitive data (user name, passwords, bank account numbers ...).

The program has 75 language layouts and supports 53 languages.

Advantages of the program:

* Correct display of Russian letters on any computer

* The availability of additional layouts (by right-clicking Alt)

* Independence from hardware and system settings opertsionnoy

* Enter the characters how to use the computer mouse and comfortable using a computer keyboard

* Two modes - text input in its own window or in the window of another program

* Ability to use this keyboard buttons

* Resizable buttons

* Support for different keyboard layouts

* Something else

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Virtual Claudia
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