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multifunction panel for desktop, with which you will be able to bring order to your desktop, organize files and folders, organize the necessary applications. It includes weather gadgets, WebMoney, a list of frequently opened folders with the possibility of adding to favorites, and more.


* Organize all used programs and documents in a convenient and accessible way.

* Quick Launch files and programs.

* Quickly search for files on your computer and information on the Internet (Google, YOUTUBE).

* Arranges all the programs and files used in a convenient and accessible way.

* Supports skins.

* The ability to add plugins.

How does it work?

Install the program and drag the desired icons in it. Done! With an open bar once you can print instantly get search results on your computer and the Internet. Hold your mouse over an icon for a moment and get a list of recently used documents.
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Multi Panel for your desktop
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