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After payment You get an instant key Empire: Total War Collection in the STEAM and inclusion of all network functions.

Warning! This game is region-locked, it cannot be activated and played in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

Only here you will get a guaranteed gift for every purchase and review !!! And not just any cheap game like most sellers, and the game to choose from more than 20 offers !!!

OBLIGATORY: to recall not forget to write a request to obtain !!! Gifts are sent within 1-2 working days. Please check the spam folder, maybe our letter got there. Not participating resellers with a personalized discount of 5% or more.

Edition Empire Total War Collection includes the game itself + all DLC:

?Empire: Total War

?Empire: Total War - Elite Units of the West DLC

?Empire: Total War - Elite Units of America DLC

?Empire: Total War - Elite Units of the East DLC

?Empire: Total War - Warpath Campaign

?Empire: Total War - Special Forces DLC

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For any questions related to the holding of shares, please contact the seller. The shares are not participating resellers with a personalized discount of 5% or more. The number of keys is limited, the seller reserves the right at the end of promotional key to stop the action.

Key Empire Total War Collection REGION FREE (for activation in any region).

The famous series of Total War needs no introduction, for many years it has become a benchmark of quality in strategic genre. Its a new episode sets a new standard and represents a long-standing dream of all fans. Another historical era, even bigger battle treacherous enemies, and confusing plot - all this awaits you in the Empire: Total War!

For the first time in the history of the series Empire: Total War - GOLD Edition you become a member of this sea battle. Hundreds of ships slot boundless sea, facing each other in a grand battle. No less epic battle unfolding on the ground. Detachments of horsemen sweep slender ranks of infantry, and the next moment killed by artillery fire - Century "steam iron" brings about changes in military tactics. Battles have become more violent, and the increased need for diplomats. And terminate contracts, whipping a plot - to win all the good tools!

Features Empire: Total War:

Evolution of the classics. Empire: Total War - a milestone in the history of the series in particular and the genre as a whole. You are waiting for incredible graphics and unparalleled breadth of hostilities: the best that was in previous episodes, are improved and completed!

Battleship! For the first time, the existence of Total War players can take part in full naval battles. By the beginning of your squadron of magnificent sailing ships will face in the implacable struggle against fierce enemy. All ships strictly abide by the laws of physics: the fallen Ray can kill unwary sailor, a loose piece of the shell to carry in chips easy craft. To choose the correct type of ammunition to win the decisive battle.

MediaSoft - 15 years plati.ru! The quality of time-tested!

deliveryInstructions on how to activate the key:

1. Download and install the Steam http://steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi, register with your account on Steam.
2. Click the "Add Game - activated via Steam" and follow the instructions. Upon activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.

If you have additional questions, please contact your dealer in online chat or send an e-mail.

Our other products - http://mediasoft.plati.ru </ delivery>

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