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Please note this product from other sellers buggy! When you purchase our products help in setting and adjusting to working condition is guaranteed! Promotion! Only here you get 2 unit free! The statistics module and input module output amount from the keyboard put a gift! Details on the website

You can automatically provide loans and WMR bonus.

The admin can create rules with different% rates, amount, timing, depending on the BL, the term appraisal, debt WMC purse .... Do check for complaints, as well as the ability to obtain loans to allow the selected MMFA the claims.

Server requirements:


1. BCMath or GMP.

2. MHash or Hash (for the signing keys by Keeper Classic).

3. CURL.

4. MBString.

5. Enabled XML.

6. Static IP.

The requirement to WebMoney purse:

1.Nalichie passport not lower than the initial one.

2. Document XML interfaces: X1, X2, X3, X4, X7, X8, X9, X11
Внимание! В наличии имеются и другие скрипты обменных пунктов и кредитных автоматов по различным причинам не представлены в данном магазине! Перед покупкой уточняйте у продавца!!!
The script has proven itself in operation. There are all necessary for effective lending. Detailed statistics on loans. Returned loans highlighted in green are not returned - red. It is easy to change the template. There is a detailed description. Help to install 10 VMZ.

If you want to protect your business credit and limit lending to people who have pritenzii arbitration webmoney, I recommend that you purchase this particular script. It has a limit on the issuance of certificates for which loans are pritenzii arbitration webmoney which if necessary can be turned off for a certain wmid.

Caution Many sell early versions of the script, but they have no restrictions on lending certificates, having a negative review! Only preobritaya we get you a free consultation and the opportunity to later revision of the script (change the design and add functionality - not expensive!). Also available for sale, and other modifications to the script.
Attention! Are available, and other scripts are exchange offices and credit machines for various reasons, are not represented in this store! Before buying check with the seller !!!
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